Who are we?

Gestalt Films specialises in pictures with a social consciousness. As the world becomes smaller, the need for multicultural stories has never been more important. Our international team, come from a myriad of backgrounds; Morocco, Turkey, France and Britain.

All graduates of Goldsmiths MA filmmaking programme, our short ‘Disconnect’ is now doing the festival circuit and is demonstrating Gestalt Films abilities to tackle culturally sensitive subjects.

We aim to create bridges as opposed to building walls. 


Rachid’s career as an actor boasts of major credits across both sides of the Atlantic,
including roles on Homeland, Dr Who, Criminal Minds and Generation kill, to name a few.
He’s just finished an engagement appearing in the critically acclaimed 'The Jungle' after appearing in the original cast of Disney’s Aladdin. At the same time, he was harnessing his skills as a writer, doing an MA
in scriptwriting at Goldsmiths University.

His films Disconnect and Dear Amir, were chosen and produced by the film making
program and it’s with those relationships, that Gestalt Films were created.


He’s excited about this next stage in his career, in the pursuit of achieving a lot of his
goals. Primarily, telling stories and focusing on subject matters he’s passionate about in the hope of building bridges in society, opposed to building walls.


Turkan’s love for film started at a very young age and she pursued her passion by studying Theatre Arts at Pace School of Performing arts in New York, with double minors in peacemaking and gender studies. Simultaneously she was assisting and interning in various film production companies.


During her last 2 years in New York, Turkan was an actor and an assistant director under TAASNY (Turkish American Arts Society NY), where she really found her calling for running the show and bringing Eastern art forms and experiences to life in the West. She drew inspiration from the independent film scene and decided that producing film and TV was the path for her.

Turkan blends her passion for story telling and her drive for social change and gender equality with her years of experience in property management and budgeting.


She is currently living in London, having completed her Masters in producing at Goldsmiths University in London. 


Charles began his career in film as an actor at the age of 11. After many years of theatre training in Paris (including at the World renowned Jacques Lecoq School), he relocated to London to act in a number of plays and short films.

Alongside his acting career, he went to Goldsmiths University to complete an MA in Film Production and has been working on both sides of the industry since then.

He has also produced short films such as UMESHU NIGHT and 34 HOURS, 18 HEURES - both are currently enjoying healthy runs on the European film festival market.

He is actively working on the development of new short films both in France and in the UK.